Father of the Groom Speech

Father of the Groom SpeechContrary to what most people think, a speech consists not only in its content (i.e. its text, its ideas), but also in the way of presenting this content to the audience. So, any father of the groom speech has two fundamental elements: the content and the presentation.

This means that, when you prepare the toast that you will give at the reception which celebrates your son’s wedding, you ought to prepare both the material (the text) and the delivery (the modality of communicating the toast’s text to the attendees). Useful preparation tips can be read in the corresponding article and also in the resource about groom’s father speeches that can be seen on this website.

When you have to give a speech, there are two stages that you must go through: the preparation stage (when you prepare the speech’s content and presentation) and the presentation stage (when you actually deliver the toast at the reception, in front of all the guests). This article is dedicated to the presentation phase of a wedding toast delivered by the groom’s father. By reading the following paragraphs, you will find out some little, but powerful secrets that can enable you to deliver your father of groom toast just like a professional public speaker.

Presentation Elements of the Groom’s Father Wedding Speech

While preparing the manner of presenting your oration, you must be aware of the fact that your speech’s delivery is actually defined by a series of elements, such as: the tone of your voice, your attitude, gestures, facial expressions and clothes, the way you move, talk and look at the wedding participants, the emotions and feelings that you transmit through your oration (i.e. the way you make the wedding guests feel both during and after finishing your father of the groom speech), the atmosphere that you create with your toast. All these elements are essential, because they all determine the effect that your oration will have on your listeners and also the impression about you that your speech will create in the attendees’ minds.

Successful Public Speakers – the Best Teachers for Perfect Father of Groom Toasts

Anyone can identify the best way to behave during a speech by observing the successful public speakers and by emulating them. There are four fundamental aspects that can be noticed at every speech of a professional orator, and that must be present at your father of the groom wedding speech, too, if you want it to be successful. The first two aspects refer to the speech’s content and suggest the manner of delivering it, and the last two aspects refer to the way the speaker seems while giving the speech.

Informal, Engaging, Confident, Relaxed – Key Aspects of a Great Speech of Groom’s Father

So, all these four aspects are related to the presentation of the toast, i.e. the way of delivering it. The first two fundamental features of all the successful orations are: informal (the speaker uses a colloquial tone, like when he/she speaks with his/her friends) and engaging (the great speeches catch the listeners’ attention, by being interesting and pleasing, instead of being boring, as the poor speeches are). Every father of the groom toast should present the last two essential characteristics noticed at all the successful speeches: the speaker is very confident and relaxed. This is how you should be too, while delivering your wedding toast.

Top Presentation Tips for an Excellent Father of Groom Toast

The most important thing regarding the presentation of your oration is that you should use a conversational tone. By doing this, you keep the guests focused on your toast, listening your speech with a lot of pleasure, because you make them feel that they are your friends. The second fundamental tip concerning the delivery of the father of the groom speech is to refrain from behaving as a kid reciting a poem at school; you must be relaxed and confident (instead of being overwhelmed by emotions), you ought to look at many guests (instead of looking in a single direction), emphasize important ideas by modulating your voice (instead of using the same voice tone).

What to include in your speech

This post will reveal you the topics you ought to deal with in the main part (aka as the body) of the oration that you will deliver in front of the guests that will be present at the reception organized for celebrating your son’s wedding. The intro and the ending sections of the wedding speech for the groom’s father are covered in other posts that you can read on this website. You must recall, from other articles posted on this website, that the text of any wedding toast should be formed from these three important sections: the intro portion, the body one and of course, the ending.

Some of the mandatory (or just highly recommended) items for the midsection (the body) of your oration refer to your new daughter-in law, that is the bride. If you’re wondering how you can include her in your toast, let me offer you a couple of useful tips. First and foremost, in the body of your father of groom toast, you ought to welcome this wife of your son in your own family. Also, it’s advisable to welcome her family, too.

Speaking of the bride’s family, if appropriate, you should felicitate her parents for all the effort they put into organizing this perfect reception of your son’s and their daughter’s wedding. I said “if appropriate” in the previous sentence because the wedding protocol of many cultures provides that the reception should be prepared by the bride’s family, but the protocol from your region might be different. Anyway, in the body of your father of the groom wedding speech you should tell how much you enjoy the fact that these two families (you own family and the one of the groom’s wife) have joined now.

Now, let’s get back to your new daughter-in-law, that is the bridegroom’s wife (i.e. the bride). It’s polite to compliment her, in the main section (the body) of your toast. You should emphasize her qualities, by telling the audience what traits impressed you the most at her and also the context in which your son, i.e. the groom, introduced her to you and to your family. Concerning the same main part of your father of groom speech, if the bridegroom’s mother (who should be your wife) is not willing to have her own toast (of if she can’t or if she is not supposed to, according to the wedding protocol in your area), it’s a good idea to compliment the bride and express all the topics related to her on behalf of both you and the groom’s mother. For example, you could tell how happy and grateful you both (the groom’s parents) are for the fact that the bride’s parents offered her such a special education.

But the bride is not the only person about whom you should speak in the midsection of your father of groom toast. In fact, your son, i.e. the bridegroom, should be your toast’s “protagonist”. The most important thing related to him that you should do in your oration is to felicitate him for his special wife, i.e. his bride. Then, during the same middle section of your toast, you must describe him shortly. Telling some funny events from his childhood is typical for this kind of orations as yours. Anyway, take care not to upset him or make him, or his wife, feel embarrassed. Advice for a strong and happy marriage is usually offered by the grooms’ fathers.

The topics presented in this article are some useful ideas that you could (and, in some cases, ought to) cover in the body (that is the main section) of your wedding speech. However, there are two fundamental things that you should be aware about. First, these are not all the points that can be included in this part of such a wedding toast; more interesting items and suggestions you will find in the resource that you can see on this website.

Second, it’s not mandatory (in fact, it’s even not recommended) to cover all the ideas that you might come across, mainly because of two essential things: your toast should not last for more than five minutes and it should have a main theme (so you should make sure that all the topics that you deal with in your father of the groom speech are related somehow to the chosen main subject).

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